Not only is Hollyz a world of beautifully designed cashmere knitwear but also some of the garments are crafted from fibre combinations that optimise the 'life' softness and wearability of the product. Part of the collection created by our experienced Hollyz UK team combines or blends the use of fibres together to achieve different product characteristic in the finished garment.  Diverse fibre blends influence the softness, durability, absorbency, ease of washing, resistance to creasing and cost of a garment.

At Hollyz our fibre blends have been carefully created to bring the wearer the optimum comfort. Our iridescent white tutu skirts have a silk mix waistband and interlining for comfort next to the skin. Whilst the wool, cashmere and angora blend cardigans give the wearer a feeling of being cocooned in the warmest, softest blanket. The lining of our faux fur coat is a soft cotton and polyester mix to optimise comfort for the wearer. The cotton gives absorbency whilst the polyester brings durability....after all we don't want our party princesses' perspiring!! 

  • Dec 26, 2017
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