Cashmere is the focus of the first Hollyz collection because it is such a wonderfully warm, soft yet durable fibre. With cashmere being a natural product that is combed or sheared from the underside of a particular breed of goat it has natural breathable properties that when worn, enable the wearer to feel cosy and comfortable.

Cashmere is known for its extreme softness and lustrous qualities, because of the very fine, longer length fibres. The fineness of the fibre is typically between 7 and 19 microns  (compared to sheep fibre, wool, that  has a diameter of 36 microns) thus giving the fineness that creates cashmere's characteristic silky feel. The annual production of cashmere from each goat is about 150 grams, which is why pure cashmere is not only in demand but also expensive.

Naturally Cashmere occurs in four colours only, white, grey, brown and black, but it can be dyed to any colour. The production of cashmere from fibre to fashion is a very labour intensive process.  Different grades are sorted by hand, then washed (to remove natural oils and dirt), carded (to remove coarse fibres), spun and dyed, then finally created into the most luxurious and coveted garments in the world.

Jo and the team at Holly Zang have created a collection of beautiful clothes for girls'. The gorgeous cardigans and jumpers are produced using the softest cashmere fibre with age appropriate motifs on the reverse of the garments.  Each motif is embellished with silver yarn that has been hand stitched by a member of the design team.The addition of the silver yarn to our butterfly cardigan alone takes 4 hours to complete. These garments are light in weight, cosy to wear, resilient and moisture absorbing thus creating a product that your little girl will be so comfortable in that she won't want to take it off!

The knitwear can be worn for relaxed weekend dressing with jeans or a short skirt and tights.  On formal occasions team a cashmere cardigan with a party outfit and diamante headband. Once the winter party season is over the garment won't have to be put back into the wardrobe until next year, due to the breathable properties of fibre, it makes our knitwear something that can be worn all year round. An absolute must for a mum who investests in such a super addition to her little girls' wardrobe.

  • Dec 26, 2017
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